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Kala - 2017

Playwright - Saurabh Thakare

Direction - Saurabh Thakare

Word Kala is translated as Art in English. The play revolves around the myth of ‘Natya Utpatti’ from Bharatmuni’s Natyashastra , Wherein Brahma the creator creates the ‘Pancham Ved’ - Natyashastra on the request of lord Indra  , Who had no solution to  the havoc and devastation taking place on earth at the beginning of ‘Tretayug’.

In this play, the Myth has been questioned with an additional interpretation of ‘kala’ as a character  that weaves the thread from the past till the contemporary present times and tries to answer  the questions of its existence, identity, origin and belief. Will it find the answers?

This scenographic process allowed the actors to use body movement, improvised multilingual dialogues, psycho-physical realism and emphasis on emotions to find Kala.


Kiran Pavaskar           Manthan Khandake

Sameer Ramteke       Ajinkya  Ovhal


Off  Stage


Percussion – Utsav Sarkar ,Nishad Bhoir, Krishna Nawale

Harmonium – Priypal Gaikwad

Music operation – Rohan Anand Sinha

Costumes – Kiran Pavaskar

Make Up – Abhishek Bhure

Lights Design & Operation –Saurabh Thakare

Poster Design –Abhishek  Bhure

Technical Superintendent – Hemant Wagh

Adapted and Directed – Saurabh Thakare


Prof. Dr. Mangesh Bansod

(I/C Director , Academy of Theatre Arts, University of Mumbai )


Special Thanks

Prof. Dr. D.R.Ankur ,Mr. Shafaat Khan ,Dr.Amol Deshmukh , Sandhya Rayte ,Milind Inamdar ,Ramesh Thakare,Shubhangi Thakare, Nishita Thakare ,Karishma Pavaskar, Shraddha Tapkire.

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