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"I like to be Specific rather being General"- Yuki Ellias

Online Conversation on Production Design: Multi-Arts Approach to Theatre

Indian Womaniya's Project | 9th Oct 2020 | Yuki Ellias

An exuberant contemporary Actor, Director, Coporate Coach and now a Creator, as Yuki mentions with a delightful smile while having an online conversation from her cozy bedchamber in Mussoorie. With low bandwidth connection in the hills, almost getting paralyzed when the zoom links decided to play around a bit and with all the Drama that we just needed to kick start a hearty conversation on Production Design: Multi Arts Approach to Theatre.

She makes it very clear while firmly stating, "Understanding, exploring, learning multiple arts is not something that you choose consciously, being an artist is part of your lifestyle.....It is who you are!". Flaunting her newly delivered Mask from Berlin, she is now working with the same to create a short film during her holidays in Mussoorie, which made me realize, Artistes just can't stop reconnoitering, and that's what makes us all hatkke! Sharing the screen while browsing multiple windows from works of Dali, Vermeer, Mughal Paintings, Cloth Installations and her inspirations from the works of renowned Dancer-Choregrapher Lin Min, she explains how the use of lights, colours and lines from vermeer's helps her understand to work around a colour palette, explaining the minor details of the collar, colours and zari from the jacket, the wrapped turban, the sleeve from a painting of a Mughal Empreror makes her wonder the same piece of jacket in her production can be worn differently, how the fantasy from Dali stirred her directorial work for Hello Farmaish! and while looking for something easy, sustainable, simple yet creative landed her into working with the humble cloth in her unforgettable solo performance, Elephant in the Room.

"While making Theatre, we mostly work on concentrated budgets but that should not let you down in chosing that specific bartan from your house, or rather going for an ordinary chair, maybe you chose this.....(while pointing out to a simple cane chair in her room). I like to be Specific rather being General"

From her constant travels,working on her body without missing even a day, always striving to learn and experience more, has made grow as a thriving Theatrewallah that she is. We beautifully concluded our conversation with Yuki accepting a Farmaish from our fellow participant and singing a bengali folk! This Chingri Maach can Sing and play a Bansari, lot more than you think is in there in this high spirited, zestful, lively (I am short of words!) Womaniya!

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