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"What is the harm in bad writing? You can always make it better" - Manali Kale

Writer of Marathi Movie Memory Card now available Amazon Prime, 4 full length plays, translating two Novels, associate writer for MX Player, Writer - Actor, Manali kale shared some interesting and intriguing facts right from being stereotyped as a female writer to sharing her positives on the same. Constantly, watching herself grow through discipline, dedication, exploring and engaging in the field of writing and arts.

Herself amused by the fact that more than 50% of the Engineers land up doing something completely different than Engineering itself. "Being a Computer Engineer, I always had an analytical way to write my scripts" laughs when she confesses, engineering had actually helped her realize that she could write and many of her writings start by creating algorithms for the plot, in this way she adds her engineering quotient to understand the story, relationship within the characters and graph better, "I was good at theory as I could could fictionalize my answers but really bad at practicals.....I missed my childhood days, when I was happily doing theatre" shares her experience of how she had to make a an important decision, switching from engineering to theatre, media, arts and eventually writing. In a way writing was a form of escape for her, " I lose myself in acting and find myself in writing" admits in an online conversation for the Indian Womaniya's Project intiated by Kirdaar Arts Foundation on Women Writers and their role in Newly Emerging Literature, Arts and Movies, 10th October 2020.

Writing is not a once in a blue moon business, it is a constant effort to make it happen.

"One must write everyday, what worst can happen,

You would write something bad, what is the harm in bad writing,

you can always improve, stop judging yourself"

She explains to a participant that we often fear to write, fear that escalates that one would write something bad or something that would not be liked by others. You must have patience to take each day a time and rewrite and rewrite and rewrite the same thing until you feel good. She further shares her admiration for Vicky Donor Writer, Juhi Chaturvedi and her palette of screen writings from Vicky donor to Piku, October and her latest Gulabo Sitabo. Female writers are making their mark with some very good writing in the industry but "sometimes you are judged whether you would be able to write thrillers, actions or sensual scenes as they (producers/company) think that female writers are only capable of writing Rom-Coms and Feminist Stories" shares an interview experience while striving her position against a fellow male writer of writing thriller and Vola! there is our womaniya slaying the writing better. "It is not about the gender, it is about the skill that must be judged" she adds gracefully.

Sometimes you can feel that you are preachy and very straight forward with your story, " You see, It is all about the packaging" smiles when she explains the same while remembering an example of hindi movie PK and describes how the same movie could be written in a very preachy way, if it would not have been packaged with aliens, love stories and other elements. She adds on her secret, "While writing one can definitely follow the Maslow Hierarchy of Needs", a good plot revolves either around the physiological needs that means it can be a basic survival story or level up by need to be secure and on a higher comes level love and belonging, which has been majorly worked on. The goal is to be as less confused as possible with what is your story all about.

"If a writer can clearly explain his/her story in one line or 50 words, then I think he/she must be satisfied with their respective work"concludes Manali Kale by sharing her experiences while growing and exploring in the field of writing, media and performing arts.

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