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Sita - 2018

Based on the Novel -

'Sita'Devdutt Patnaik

Adapted by - Kiran Pavaskar

Direction - Saurabh Thakare


Language: English and Hindi

Duration: 70mins without interval

Direction and Light Design by: Saurabh Thakare Conceptualized and Performed by: Kiran Pavaskar


Music Operation: Sameer Ramteke

Stage Management: Nandan Virarkar

Poster Design: Prachi Sarasrabudhe

Photography: Chinmay Thakur

Videography: Sudesh Raipure and Sunny Shah

“Within infinite myths, lies an eternal truth" -Sita, Devdutt Patnaik

Sita has been a charismatic character in Indian Mythology. She has been a character of debate, books, scripts, endless essays and articles. She has been ripped apart and doubted; she has been worshipped and judged by the society. In India, Sita is not just a character from Valmiki's epic of Ramayan but it is an ideology that still defines an ideal Indian woman. But what was her relationship with Ram? Was she much ahead of her times or she was grounded with the societal norms? She had always been controversial character from the Treta yug till date; she is Sita - the one who was found in a furrow.

Ramayan has been adapted and performed in several different styles; it has also been contemplated in comparison with today’s contemporary life. But in this solo performance we have tried to experiment with various traditional and contemporary styles like Kalari Payattu, traditional Mask from Nepal, Shadow arts, contemporary physical theatre and using simple property with multiple usages. This narrative has been edited with personal interpretations through movement and text. The play will be open for discussion after the performance. Through this solo performance I wish to create characters that will emerge, transform and then disappear in a blink to tell a beautiful tragic love story from the point of view of the female protagonist.

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